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'Logging into Catalyst for the 1st time'


Remember to bookmark me for ease of future access


Set your new password by clicking ‘don’t remember password’

Enter your email and select ‘send email’ in the next dialogue box


Check your email inbox for an email from

Check your email inbox for an email from


Follow the link in the email to set a new password.

You can now use your new email / password combination to access the system

‘I didn’t receive the password reset email’


We will check there wasn’t a typo in your email address and can issue you with a temporary password

‘I’m unable to access/view my dashboards’

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Check you have selected the brand account

If you are part of an agency or group account with multiple client/brand dashboards, check you have clicked: the 3 dots next to your ‘Account’ name in the left side menu.

You must then select the applicable brand account before clicking on TV → Analytics


Check your browser

For optimum performance, we recommend using the Chrome browser when accessing Catalyst. If you are using Edge or Safari, please try Google Chrome to see if this improves


Turn off all ad-blockers

If your browser has ad-blockers enabled, this may be restricting your dashboards from loading.


When visiting Catalyst, click the padlock to the left of the web address in the
URL bar . Click site settings → scroll down to Intrusive Ads and select ‘Allow’.


Check your browser is not using incognito mode

If you are currently using incognito mode, this may be restricting your dashboards from loading. Please ensure incognito mode is disabled when signing into Catalyst.


Clear your cache and hard reload

It’s possible you will need empty your cache and do a hard reload, especially if your account has recently been upgraded with new features.


Press F12 and you will notice a box appear - usually on the right side of your screen.

(There’s no need to do anything within this box, however whilst it is displayed on screen, Chrome will allow you to do a hard reload.)


Click and hold the refresh arrow to the left of the URL bar up the top of your browser.


Click Empty cache and hard reload. You may now close out of the page elements box by clicking the x in the corner.


Log into Catalyst again to see if your dashboards are now appearing


Account Permissions

If all of the above fails, please reach out to so we
can check your account details and refersh your permissions.

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