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Definitive TV Ad Measurement

Currency grade impression verification, attention tracking and outcome optimisation

Adgile provides independent verification of impression delivery across linear and streaming platforms, tracking performance and business outcomes based on attention, response and conversion. 


Our Catalyst platform provides real-time closed loop monitoring of your campaigns.  Deep learning AI enables targetable audience segments to unlock growth opportunities for your brand.

More insights, better outcomes

Adgile provides more performance indicators and more context so you are better able to understand and optimise your Video investment. Real-time currency reporting and trading integrations mean you can seamlessly implement changes to drive better outcomes.

01 / Media

Real-time total video attention measurement and benchmarking

  • Track and verify Linear TV and Streaming delivery in real-time based on trading currencies.

  • Use attention metrics to increase platform transparency and qualify media value.

  • Benchmark your screens strategy, channel investment, and media quality, against your competitors.

  • Gain visibility across audience segments, creatives, ad placements, retail media, sponsorships, program integrations and product placement.

TV Media Optimisation
TV Investment Optimisation
02 / Investment

Optimise video budgets to business outcomes

  • Drive performance and lift ROI with unique investment insights and opportunities.

  • Understand, measure and track the levers driving business outcomes.

  • Take ownership of your own measurement; standardise calculations, increase transparency and reduce wastage.

  • Save money and reduce carbon emissions by cutting digital wastage on placements getting zero attention.

03 / Growth

Unlock growth opportunities with deep learning AI

  • Create targetable audience segments for you to activate through your preferred programmatic platform.

  • Build incremental reach by targeting audience segments that have not been exposed to your TV advertising.

  • Get more attention from your advertising investment by optimising content, context and placement.

  • Increase enquiries and sales by targeting audiences and placements that generate responses.

TV Growth Optimisation

About Adgile

Our Story

We are a technology business, built with purpose and innovation in our DNA.  Founded in 2015 we have been committed to defining and leading the transition to Total Video, setting the standard for real-time data, measuring campaign effectiveness and optimising Video investment through transparency and data democratisation.

The Vision

Our vision is to democratise Total Video advertising measurement.  We believe that advertisers should be empowered to make investment decisions based on transparent data and metrics that directly relate to their business performance.  We develop technology solutions that empower advertisers to make informed decisions.

Our Technology

Patented Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) and Deep Learning algorithms underpin our products.  Collectively we call the tech ICR (Intelligent Content Recognition), others call it the future.  ICR is the connective tissue between all Video advertising, joining disparate datasets together by the only common element, the TVC creative.


Why Adgile?


Most Trusted

Hundreds of the world's biggest brands trust Adgile to measure and improve their return on investment

Currency Agnostic

Adgile supports and integrates with all Video trading currencies across Linear and Streaming

Most Partnered

Agencies big and small have partnered with Adgile in their transition to Total Video

Actionable Insights

Adgile's unique technology surfaces insights no one else can, using currencies that can be implemented

Most Integrated

The largest broadcasters, DSP's and streamers use Adgile to track ads and audiences


Unless you're on Windows 95 we're already integrated with your tech. Onboarding is quick and easy

Best Practice VOD Guide

With over 1 billion impressions tracked to date, and more than 18 million Users tracked monthly we have the largest Attribution data set in Australia. Download our best practice guide to Digital Video investment, using key learnings from our Attribution data set. 

Data Integrations

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