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Data Protection and Consumer Privacy Policy 

Data Protection and Consumer Privacy is Paramount to Adgile

As the only truly independent TV measurement provider in Australia, Adgile is dedicated to upholding high standards of consumer privacy and data protection in accordance with Australian and International regulations. We strive to maintain quality online advertising and measurement services for various advertisers, agencies, publishers, and other businesses across various third-party websites and online media while prioritizing the privacy rights of Australian consumers.

Adgile has stringent policies governing the collection, use, and sharing of consumer data. We adhere to relevant Australian privacy laws and regulations and actively participate in industry initiatives to uphold consumer privacy standards. Adgile is committed to transparency and compliance and maintains membership and association with reputable organizations such as The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) as well as participating in frameworks such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Australia's Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF).

Adgile’s collection of data typically includes basic data elements associated with advertisements measured by Adgile, such as impressions, clicks, viewing duration, IP address, date and time of interaction, information about the general geographical location from which a consumer is viewing an advertisement, device type, and other generic identifiers made available by the browser or device. Adgile collects these data elements on behalf of its clients in a manner compliant with Australian privacy laws and regulations, serving the clients’ legitimate business interests and purposes. These purposes include effectively measuring and evaluating the performance of advertising campaigns, administering client accounts, and providing engagement or performance analysis.

Adgile does not partake nor assist in delivering, displaying or targeting ads to users.  Adgile does not create user segments or profiles and does not collect any categories of data deemed sensitive under applicable Australian laws or NAI standards. 

For further details regarding Adgile’s data collection, usage, and sharing practices, please refer to the Adgile Privacy Policy.

Adgile Upholds Consumer Choice

Adgile believes in respecting consumer preferences and provides mechanisms for consumers to control how their activity is measured across online media. We offer opt-out options for all ad measurement, in compliance with Australian regulations. For more information on opt-out options offered by Adgile, please refer to the relevant section of our privacy policy.

Adgile is committed to adhering to the standards set by organizations such as theThe Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) as well as participating in frameworks such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).  For additional information on industry standards and advertising choice mechanisms, please refer to the respective organization’s resources.


Security and Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations

Adgile places a high priority on data security and implements various measures in line with industry best practices to safeguard consumer data from unauthorized access, alteration, or misuse. We maintain stringent controls over all data we collect, storing it in firewalled and secured databases with strictly limited and controlled access rights. Additional security measures include encryption of personal information both at rest and in transit, strict password policies, multi-factor authentication for key systems, antivirus measures, vulnerability management policies, and the use of security technologies to prevent unauthorized activity.

Adgile maintains compliance with relevant Australian privacy laws and regulations, including but not limited to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). We have established processes for handling personal data in accordance with these laws and have appointed a data protection officer to oversee compliance efforts.

In addition Adgile maintains compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We have appointed a data protection officer, have a process for responding in a timely manner to data subjects seeking to exercise their rights under GDPR, and take a proactive approach to putting the necessary contractual provisions in place with our vendors and clients.  

Adgile has taken a comprehensive approach to U.S. state privacy law compliance, including CCPA, CPRA and VCPDA, and will continue to monitor and adjust our approach as state laws and regulations continue to evolve, to ensure we maintain compliance. As between Adgile and its clients, Adgile is a service provider and does not “sell” or “share” personal information as contemplated under CCPA, CPRA and similar state laws.  

As privacy laws and regulations are subject to change, Adgile regularly monitors its compliance status and adjusts its practices accordingly. We conduct yearly internal audits to ensure ongoing compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and we remain vigilant in staying abreast of developments in the privacy landscape to adapt our approach as necessary.

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