Ad Buying Just Got Easier – Introducing Adgile

Advertising is changing and growing faster than ever. Google predicts that 50% of online advertising will be done via DSPs and RTB within five years. And, RTB spending in 2011 is forecast to grow by 133% to $823 million, within the US alone, according to Forrester Consulting.

The world of Internet advertising requires new thinking to deliver greater value that marketers know is still waiting to be unlocked from digital advertising. Adgile is at the forefront of this new thinking and our goal is to transform the world of advertising through intuitive technology and by optimizing the creative process.

Improvements in targeting, data, attribution, greater reach, new channels, and more transparency are becoming must-have functions of ad buying. Innovations like media exchanges, real-time bidding and audience segmentation are reshaping the world of online display advertising and democratizing a process that was formally a tightly held piece of the value chain.

Designers and specialists that used to only be available to marketers through the vaulted agency door can now connect directly through Adgile and eliminate the traditional project cycle.

Over the coming years, we expect that the technologies that power the display media exchanges will be the same for all media channels – offline print, television, radio, etc. Adgile is building a toolset that can adapt and grow along with the changes we expect to see in this exciting market.

Our commitment to you is to be a trusted partner along this path of change. We deliver the technology, process and expertise that will transform the way you work and deliver more value to you as an advertiser.