Adgile DSP is an intuitive, demand-side platform (DSP) for ad buying in the dynamic markets of the 21st century. Using Adgile you’ll easily delivery the right ad to the right person at the right price on the right channel with the right message.

With Adgile DSP, you can:

  • Simplify your display ad buying process to reduce your time and resources
  • Maximize your advertising budget with real-time bidding (RTB). Adgile DSP provides a smart RTB algorithm with predictive learning capabilities. Adgile DSP calculates the value of each available ad impression based on the probability of a user response. This ensures true price efficiency for your ads.
  • Target the right audience using behavioral targeting, search re-targeting, geo-targeting, channel targeting, day-parting and cross-network frequency capping
  • Benefit from fair, competitive market pricing
  • Expand your buying pool through billions of available ad impressions across the world’s largest advertising exchanges and networks
  • Control when, how and where your ad is shown
  • Optimize campaigns through visual-based analytics and closed loop reporting to continually increase performance
  • Capitalize on always available last-minute inventory
  • Leverage our market expertise and technology to get peak performance on premium accounts

Adgile DSP is ready to dramatically improve your campaign performance and simplify your media buying process. Our hands-on, managed migration plan ensures a successful implementation of Adgile DSP with minimal risk for you and / or your clients.

See how Adgile can help you meet your advertising goals and targets.